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Round dance

There are two distinct dance categories called Round dance. The specific dances, belonging to these categories are often considered to be ethnic, folk or country dances.

(1) A folk dance performed by the dancers connected into a circular chain. Various connections are possible; among these are hand-to-hand and hands-on-shoulders.

Examples are Sardinian Ballu tundu, numerous Balkan folk dances, Russian Khorovod and Hora.

(2) A dance performed by couples that orderly proceed in a circular way. The dance may be either fully choreographed or its figures may be called or cued by a designated caller or cuer. In some cases couples may switch partners during the dance.

Some dances, such as Salsa Rueda, are evolved specifically in this form.

Examples of social dances that may be danced in "round" fashion are - Bolero - Cha Cha - Foxtrot - Jive (dance) - Mambo - Paso Doble - Quickstep - Rumba - - Samba - Single Swing - Slow Two step - Tango - Two step - Waltz - West Coast Swing -

Roundalab is the International Association of Round Dance Teachers, Inc. Roundalab has established a "Phase Rating System" of round dancing, in order to rate round dance figures according to difficulty and complexity.

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