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Rotokas language

Rotokas is a language spoken in Bougainville, an island to the East of Papua New Guinea. Its main claim to fame, linguistically speaking, is that it is reputed to possess the world's smallest phonemic inventory: 6 consonants (K,P,R,S,T,V) and 5 vowels (A,E,I,O,U). Only Pirahã has less.

Thus, the Rotokas alphabet consists of the eleven letters AEIKOPRSTUV.

The phonemes of Rotokas, in SAMPA notation, are as follows:

             Bilabial   Alveolar   Velar
Vl. stop      p          t          k
Vd. fricative B
Vl. fricative            s
Vd. tap                  4

Vowels A e i o u

In the orthography, v stands for SAMPA /B/.