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Rosa Mustafa Abdulkhaleq

Rosa Mustafa Abdulkhaleq (born 1976) is a Yemeni born female airline pilot. She is the first female commercial pilot in that country. Because of her achievement, she is seen by many as a symbol of the feminist movement taking place in Yemen and many other Arabian countries.

Abdulkhaleq wanted to be a commercial airline pilot when she was little. Because of that, she eventually got her private pilot's license, and went on to get many other required licenses before asking her parents for permission to travel to the United States. After permission was granted, she travelled to Texas, where she spent 10 months training and practicing to apply for her commercial airline license.

She graduated in 2002, and received the backing of Yemen's president as well as Yemenia's (Yemen's national airline) chief captain. She was then hired as a pilot with Yemenia, making history. Currently, she is awaiting for her chance to fly as a pilot with Yemenia.

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