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St Romauld (c. 950 - 19 June, 1027) was born at Ravenna. As a youth, Romauld, supposedly, indulged in the "pleasures" and sins of the world common to a 10th century noble. After watching his father, Sergius, slay an opponent in a duel, however, Romauld was devastated, and fled to the Abbey of San Apollinare-in-Classe. After some apprehension, Romuald became religious. He became abbot of the San Apollinare, which was a Benedictine monastery in honor of St. Apollinare. In addition, he laid the foundations of the Order of Camaldoli in Tuscany. Romauld found several other monasteries, including the monastery of Castro, where he died in 1027.

Romaulds feast day was fixed as February 17, the day of the translation of his relics by Pope Clement VII in 1595.

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