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Roman Catholic Bishop of Montreal

This is a list of the bishops of the Roman Catholic diocese of Montreal. This bishopric split off from the archdiocese of Quebec in 1821. The diocese was raised to an archdiocese in 1886. Its seat is Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral in downtown Montreal.

  1. Bishop Jean-Jacques Lartigue (1821-1840)
  2. Bishop Ignace Bourget (1840-1876)
  3. Archbishop Édouard-Charles Fabre (1876-1896)
  4. Archbishop Paul Bruchési (1897-1939)
  5. Archbishop Georges Gauthier (1939-1940)
  6. Archbishop Joseph Charbonneau (1940-1950)
  7. Cardinal Archbishop Paul-Émile Léger (1950-1968)
  8. Cardinal Archbishop Paul Grégoire (1968-1990)
  9. Cardinal Archbishop Jean-Claude Turcotte (1990-present)

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