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Roger Rusk

Roger Rusk (1906-????) was survived by his wife Ruth, who is now also deceased. His brother was the secretary of state Dean Rusk. A noted Bible scholar, fluent in Hebrew and Greek, he wrote many influential essays, applying scientific principles and deep historical knowledge to analysing the contents of the Bible. Influential in the British Israel movement, his easy writing style gave his essays and books a broad appeal to Christian audiences outside the movement.

Quoting from the biography contained on the cover of one of his books:

The most remarkable quality about Professor Roger Rusk lies in his ability to inspire curiosity and interest in his readers and students by asking the pointed and difficult questions whose traditional answers have long been accepted by many as dogma. This ability no doubt stems from 13 years of classroom experience as a teacher in the public school system, and 28 years as a professor at the University of Tennessee, where he holds the position of Emeritus Professor of Physics.

Born in 1906 near Atlanta, Georgia, to a prominent southern family, Roger Rusk has seen history first hand. An economic depression and two world wars stimulated his natural curiosity to begin a study of the events around him in the light of Biblical prophecy. His studies lead him to begin writing on the subject and teaching a Bible study which continued for twenty five years. Some of his writings have appeared in Christianity Today including the article "Seven Guidelines to A Christian Interpretation of History". Although being a member through the years of many professional associations before his retirement, such as the American Physical Society and the Tennessee Academy of Science, Professor Rusk has returned to his first love; the study and exposition of the Scriptures.

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