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Rockin' Sidney

Rockin' Sidney (born April 9, 1938 - February 25, 1998) is an American musician who began recording in the late 1950s, achieving local fame in the Louisiana area with "No Good Woman" in 1962 (1962 in music). He had switched to zydeco, a traditional folk music in Louisiana, by 1982, when he released Give Me a Good Time Woman on Maison de Soul (1982 in music). It was the follow-up, My Zydeco Shoes Got the Zydeco Blues (1984 in music) that gave him his greatest fame after the single "My Toot Toot" became an international hit, in spite of Sidney's unhappiness with the song, which sold millions of copies and won a Grammy Award. He was never able to repeat the popular success, though he continued performing to his own fanbase until his death in 1998.