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Robo Rally

Robo Rally® is a board game published by Wizards of the Coast. It was originally published in 1994 and was created by Richard Garfield, the creator of the card game Magic The Gathering®.

In Robo Rally, players assume control of one of many "Robot Control Computers" in a dangerous widget factory filled with moving, course-altering conveyor belts, metal-melting laser beams, bottomless pits, crushers, and a variety of other obstacles. The goal in a game of Robo Rally is, apart from survival, to be the first to reach a pre-designated number of checkpoints in a particular order. However, the real difficulty in Robo Rally is movement, which is accomplished with the randomly dealt program cards.

The program cards specify movement, such as move forward one, turn left or u-turn. The cards have to be arranged by the player in the specific manner they wish the robot to move. Each player receives up to nine cards each turn. They use five of the cards to specify their robot's movement for the given turn. Players with damaged robots receive fewer cards.

Robots can also carry optional weapons and devices, which add to the carnage and mayhem. These devices can cause additional damage, allow robots to mvoe differently, affect the movement of other robots, and disrupt opponents' plans in other ways.

The metal pieces in Robo Rally were designed by Phil Foglio, who also did the artwork for the game.

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