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Robin Russell, 14th Duke of Bedford

Henry Robin Ian Russell, 14th Duke of Bedford (1940-2003), known before 2002 as Marquess of Tavistock, became better known to the public than most of his ancestors by appearing in a television series.

In the course of his lifetime, Robin Russell held the titles Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock, Baron Russell and Baron Howland. He was known for most of his life as the Marquess of Tavistock. He suffered a severe stroke in his early 50's, leading to a diffident nature over his last ten years. With his wife, Henrietta, he appeared in the BBC series "Country House", detailing the life at Woburn Abbey, the Bedfords' ancestral home in Bedfordshire, England. He succeeded his father to the dukedom in 2002, but passed away after another stroke in 2003. He had already handed over control of Woburn Abbey to his son in 2001.

Preceded by:
John Robert Russell
Duke of Bedford Followed by:
Andrew Russell