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Robert of Naples

King Robert I (a.k.a.“Robert the Wise” and “Robert of Naples” ) was a son to King “Charles The Lame” (Charles Π ) and was made King of Naples and Arles (France) in 1309,his reign being blessed by Rome’s 196th Pope Clement V (born Bertrand de Got in Gascony, France). King Robert I was nicknamed the "the peace-maker of Italy" due to the years of significant changes he made to the Capital City of Naples during his reign. Tradesmen from Italy and abroad erected superb buildings, monuments and statues that drastically changed the topography from a dirty seaport to a city of elegance and medieval splendor. King Robert I, head of the Guelph army at Genoa, Italy reigned until his death in 1343 under Rome’s 199th Pope Clement VI, born as Pierre Roger with a ‘silver spoon in his mouth’ in the castle of Maumont in Corrèze, France and entered a French monastery at age 10. King Robert I was succeeded by his young granddaughter, Joanna of Anjou or, Joan I.