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Robert Abercromby

Robert Abercromby (1532-April 27 1613) was born in Scotland. He became a Jesuit missionary and converted Queen Anne, wife of James IV of Scotland, before he became James I of England. The king advised her to keep the conversion secret, because public knowledge of this might imperil his crown. She also tried to convert the king, without success. Anne herself gave proof of her devotion, during their crowning. The king first supported Abercromby and arranged for him to stay near Anne. When Abercromby went to England, he found that the friendly behaviour by the king had changed. He had put a price of 10,000 crowns on Abercromby's head. In 1605 an alleged Gunpowder Plot implicated the Jesuits. Now the king felt bitter hostility towards the Jesuit Society and ordered a search warrant for Abercromby. Abercromby escaped England and found refuge in Province of Prussia. He died at Braunsberg in Ermland, Poland, 81 years old.