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In Greek mythology, Rhode was the oldest Oceanid, a daughter of Tethys and Oceanus. Later, she was thought of as a daughter of Poseidon and Halia, or Poseidon and Amphitrite. She was married to Helios.

Rhode gave her name to the island of Rhodes, of which she was a protector. It was the center of her cult. Her name stems from the pink hibiscus which was native to island and was similar to a rose, which is also etymologically related to her name

The first inhabitants of Rhodes were the Telchines. Helios created the island and, with Rhode, had seven sons (the Heliadae -- Ochimus, Cercaphus, Macareus, Actis, Tenages, Triopas, and Candalus) and one daughter, Elektryo. Elektryo died a virgin and the sons became well-known astronomers and rulers of the island.

Rhode was worshipped on Rhodes by her own name, as well as Halia or Leucothea.

Note: In Greek mythology, Rhode or Rhodus is a difference person than Rhodos.