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Retalhuleu is one of the departments of Guatemala, as well as the departmental capital city.

The Department of Retalhuleu

The Department of Retalhuleu is in the south-west of Guatemala, extending from the mountains down to to the Pacific Ocean coast. It has an area of 1856 km2. In 2002 the Department of Retalhuleu was 241,411 people.

The Department is divided into nine municipalities: Retalhuleu, San Sebastián, Santa Cruz Muluá, San Martín Zapotitlán, San Felipe, San Andrés Villa Seca, Champerico, Nuevo San Carlos, and El Asintal. The largest Native American group in the state is Quiché Maya people. The department contains a number of Pre-Columbian ruins, including Abaj Takalik and San Juan Noj.

The City of Retalhuleu

Retalhuleu a small city in south-western Guatemala, located at 14.5° N 91.7° W. It is about 240 meters above sea level, As of 2003, Retalhuleu had a population of about 40,000 people. Locally it is nicknamed "Reu".

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