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Residential community association

A Residential community association (RCA), private-street association, or common property institution is a local provision unit. Residents can become members of the association just as one takes up residence within a municipality, except that property ownership is a criteria of membership within an RCA.

RCAs provide goods and services to their members via mandatory assessments on homeowners, not unlike property taxes. Nonpayment can result in a lien against one's property.

There are at least 400 private-street associations within St. Louis County, Missouri. These organizations, like gated communities, limit street access by closing and barricading streets that would normally be used by arterial traffic. They also repairs streets and sidewalks, clean, plow snow, and maintain lighting and landscaping.

RCAs are sometimes informally referred to as "private governments". However, courts have consistently ruled that RCAs do not have the right to form their own government or micronation.

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