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Reno 911!

Reno 911! is a comedy television show on Comedy Central. It debuted in 2003.

The show is in some respects a parody of the long-running COPS in which a fictional police squad in Reno, Nevada is followed and videotaped by a camera operator during the course of the jobs, and sometimes address the camera directly as though being interviewed. The joke, of course, is that they are terrible cops who cheat, lie, play pranks, plant evidence, and engage in other sorts of mischief and display a general sense of extreme incompetence at their jobs. The force also has problems with racism, unrequited attractions, quiet feuds, and other petty troubles that supply a lot of the show's humor.

The show is not written with specific lines for the actors to say; rather, they are given general guidelines and ad lib the details. This enhances the illusion of "reality".

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In addition, the cast members frequently play the roles of criminals, complete with blurred faces. Kenney, Lennon, and Garant also write and produce the series.

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