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Referenda in Sweden

Since the introduction of parliamentarism in Sweden six referenda has been held. The Swedish Constitution (1974) provides for deciding referenda. However none of the referenda held have been deciding but rather of an advisory nature and formally not binding for the Riksdag. The latest referendum on Adopting the Euro was held on September 14, 2003 in the wake of the murder of Anna Lindh, Minister for Foreign Affairs. The referendum on joing the European Union was held on November 13, 1994.

YearReferendumParticipationYesNo BlankResult
2003Adopting the Euro82.6%42.0%55.9% 2.1%Reject
1994Joining the European Union83.3%52.3%46.8% 0.9%Approve

YearReferendumParticipationAlt. 1Alt. 2Alt. 3BlankOutcome
1980Reliance on Nuclear Power75.7%18.9%39.1%38.7%3.3%Alternative 2
1957Tax Funded Pension System72.4%45.8%15.0%35.3%3.9%Alternative 1

YearReferendumParticipationYesNo BlankResult
1955Changing from left to right hand side traffic53.0%15.5%82.9% 1.6%Reject
1922Prohibition55.1%49.1%50.9% -Reject

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