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Red Ryder

Red Ryder was a famous American comic strip cowboy. Begun in 1942, Red Ryder eventually made its way to the silver screen and the small screen.

At one moment, Red Ryder was pitted against The Lone Ranger in radio show Badlands. Although the comic lasted until 1951, a Spanish comic book version of Red Ryder was produced well into the 1980s. Red Ryder was notable because he usually did not kill his enemies, shooting them in the hand and disarming them instead.

In addition, many different Red Ryder toys, such as rifles and cowboy hats, were made available.

Red Ryder is also the name of a well known communications and terminal emulation software program created for the Apple Macintosh in the 1980s. It was written by Scott Watson, who founded The FreeSoft Company of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.