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Red hat

For the corporation that produces Red Hat Linux, see Red Hat.
The red hat is one of Edward DeBono's Six Thinking Hats.
The term red hat when used within the Roman Catholic Church refers to the appointment of a Cardinal, a senior Prince of the Church who is a member of the electoral college that chooses the Pope. A person on being appointed to the cardinalate is said to have received the red hat or cardinal's biretta. Prior to Vatican II, cardinals received a broad-brimmed, tasseled hat as a symbol of their office - the galero. Today, Cardinals no longer receive the galero, which they would wear only once while cardinal and which would be hung up in their former cathedral on their death and left to disintegrate through decay and old age, symbolising the passing of manmade glories and power. Today, the Cardinals receive a red "biretta" - or 4-pointed hat in an installation ceremony called a consistory. Receiving the red hat is an expression associated with the appointment of someone as cardinal.