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Ray Mercer

Ray Mercer is an American professional boxer. He is a former heavyweight champion, considered to be a very 'fierce warrior'. He has fought 35 fights, each averaging 5.3 rounds, with a total of 184 rounds. In 35 fights, he has had 22 K.O's, 15 inside 2 rounds, and 10 in the first round. Mercer hasn't fought past the fifth round since December 14, 1996. Ray Mercer is also known as "Merciless" Ray Mercer, weighs 235 pounds, is 6'1" tall, and was born in Jacksonville, on April 4, 1961. His Manager is Marc Roberts. Outstanding achievement: Ray Mercer won the Gold in the 1988 Olympics in Korea as a Heavyweight. Be sure to visit his 'official site':