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Rapier missile

Rapier FSC (Field Standard C) is a surface-to-air missile to combat supersonic, low level, high manoeuvrability craft. It was developed by MBDA (previously Matra BAe Dynamics) and is in service with the British Army and the RAF. There is also a export version of the missile called Jernas. Development of the FSC system began in 1992 and the systems first entered service in 1996.

It is used in a combined system with the Blindfire tracking radar and the Dagger surveillance radar. Eight missiles and the radar systems are combined into a single towable automatic firing unit. The missile has a high explosive warhead and is fitted with a laser proximity fuse. The missile's propulsion system is a two stage enhanced solid-propellant rocket motor capable of around Mach 2.5. The guidance is automatic infrared and radar command to line of sight.

An early version of the Rapier missile was deployed during the Falklands War and credited with 20 kills.