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The range of a vehicle is the distance it may cover without having to be refueled or recharged.

The range of a gun or missile is how far it can reach. This is very important because it is quite favorable to be able to hit the enemy while it can not hit you.

In telecommunications as well, range is distance. Some short-range standards are bluetooth and IrDA.

In mathematics, one can find:

In Computer Programming it describes the maximum and minimum values that can be stored in a variable, or the maximum number of values that can be stored in an array. For example the range of an integer variable might be any whole number from -32,768 to +32,767.

A range is a type of major appliance, consisting of several (usually four) gas burners or electric heating elements. It is typically seen on top of an oven.

In agriculture and geography, range is arid land where cattle are permitted to roam and feed on whatever vegetation might be present.

The range of a musical instrument is the variety of pitch it can play.