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Ramen (ラーメン; pronounced roughly [ra:men]) is the Japanese version of the Chinese noodle soup dish la mian (拉麺, lit. "pulled noodles"). Ramen has been firmly integrated into the Japanese culinary landscape and many regional variations exist.

Ramen is mostly sold in fast food-like shops with only a counter or food stalls in highly frequented areas. Every prefecture in Japan is famous for its own special variation of ramen. It is also readily available as "instant ramen" in super markets and convenience shops; the most famous brand is Cup Noodle from Nissin.

"American" ramen is generally chicken-flavored, and usually very mild, as opposed to traditional, Asian ramen, which is generally spicy and flavored with vegetables and such. However, some avoid American ramen due to the usually high amount of MSG within it.

The competition in the ramen restaurant business is parodied in the film Tampopo by director Juzo Itami where the protagonists are in search of the perfect ramen recipe.

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Ramen is also the name of a computer virus for the Linux operating system.

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