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Raising Arizona

Raising Arizona is a quirky, offbeat, and humorous 1987 Coen Brother film starring Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, John Goodman, and Frances McDormand. Little noticed at the time of its release, it has since become as a cult film. Typical Coen Brother fare, the movie is replete with psuedo-symbolism, visual gags, and sardonic dialogue.

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Plot synopsis

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

Arizona recidivist petty criminal H.I. (Hi) McDonnough (played by Cage) and police officer Edwina (Ed) McDonnough (played by Hunter) fall in love and get married when H.I. promises to reform.

After serious attempts, Ed discovers that she is unable to bear children. The couple cannot adopt because of H.I.'s criminal record. Upon learning of the birth of the "Arizona Quints", H.I. and Ed kidnap one of the quints, Nathan Jr. Finding police efforts to recover his baby inadequate, Nathan Arizona Sr., the Quint's father, retains the services of beefy, menacing biker Leonard Smalls to perform the task.

H.I.'s new family life goes well until he is visited by his former prison inmate chums Gale (played by Goodman) and Evelle. Under Gale and Evelle's influence, H.I. reverts to his felonious ways. After this, Ed and H.I. begin to see that they are not very well suited to each other. Ultimately, Leonard Smalls tracks down H.I. and trys to kill him. H.I. accidentally pulls the pin from a handgrenade attached to Smalls' ammunition belt and the biker is killed.

Gale and Evelle return to jail and H.I. and Ed return Nathan Jr. to his parents. In the end, as H.I. sleeps, he has a dream in which he and Ed have been happily married for many years and the movie ends with a rousing rendition of Bob Nolan's folksong Way Out There.


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