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Rafael Moreno Aranzadi

Rafael Moreno Aranzadi, also known as Pichichi, (August 8 1892 - March 1 1922) was a Spanish football player.

He played for Athletic Bilbao in the early part of the twentieth century and scored many goals there. He was easily identifiable on the pitch by his ever present white headgear. At this point in Spanish football history there was no formal league, but there was a cup competition - he was a member of the Athletic Bilbao side that won the Copa del Rey three times in a row from 1914 to 1916. He scored the very first goal in the San Mamés stadium, on August 21 1913.

He died tragically young, of typhoid, at the age of 29. A bust was erected in his honour outside the stadium, to which traditionally teams make an offering if they are playing at the San Mamés for the first time.

The Spanish football award for top-scorer each season is named, The Pichichi, in his honour.