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RAF phonetic alphabet

The United Kingdom's Royal Air Force (RAF) used a succession of phonetic alphabets to aid communication. These have now all been superseded by the NATO phonetic alphabet.

1924-1942: Ace Beer Charlie Don Edward Freddie George Harry Ink Johnnie King London Monkey Nuts Orange Pip Queen Robert Sugar Toc Uncle Vic William X-ray Yorker Zebra

1942-1943: Apple Beer Charlie Dog Edward Freddy George Harry In Jug/Johnny King Love Mother Nuts Orange Peter Queen Roger/Robert Sugar Tommy Uncle Vic William X-ray Yoke/Yorker Zebra

1943-1956: Able-Affirm Baker Charlie Dog Easy Fox George How Item/Interrogatory Jig/Johnny King Love Mike Nab/Negat Oboe Peter/Prep Queen Roger Sugar Tare Uncle Victor William X-ray Yoke Zebra

In 1956 the NATO phonetic alphabet was adopted.