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Quixtar is an internet based company, founded in 1999 by the owners of Amway corporation. It employs a multi-level marketing system similar to Amway's. Quixtar is owned by Alticor and took over the North-American business of Amway in 2001.

People can join as "Clients", "Members" or "Independent Business Owners " (IBOs). IBOs, pay a registration fee, and begin building their businesses through retail sales (to clients and members) and helping new business owners build businesses. Their earnings are based on their sales and the sales volume of the businesses they've helped. The only way to join and buy products at Quixtar's web site is with a referral number from an IBO.

Quixtar sales reached $518 million in the first year, with $143 million in profits being paid out to distributors. This set a record for e-commerce web sites. After its first year, Quixtar was ranked by Deloitte & Touche consulting as the #2 E-Tailer in Canada right after Sears. In addition, in its second year it was ranked as the #1 Health and Beauty website and #6 overall.

Unfortunately most of the statements about Quixtar's success are generally thought to be myth. Many online websites note that many distributors who leave the organization had been losing whilst in the organization.

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