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Quick-and-dirty is a term used in reference to anything that is a kluge. Its usage is popular among hackers, who use it to describe a crude solution or programming implementation that is imperfect, inelegant, or otherwise inadequate, but which solves or masks the problem at hand, and is generally faster and easier to put in place than a proper solution would be.

Quick-and-dirty solutions often attend to a specific instance of a problem rather than fixing the cause of the more general problem. As such, they are sometimes used to keep an item of software or hardware working temporarily until a proper fix can be made.

The phrase is also frequently used in describing any document or tutorial that gives a brief overview about how to do something, without going into too much detail about why or how it works.

Microsoft's first operating system, MS-DOS, was originally called Quick and Dirty Operating System (QDOS), prior to its purchase from Seattle Computer Systems.