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Queen West

Queen Street West, also known as the Fashion District, is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which was once the home of the city's artistic community, but has since become a hip and trendy community of expensive shops and high rents. It is centred around Queen Street, a historically significant major artery of the city, from University Street in the east to Strachan Avenue in the west. East of Spadina Avenue, there are more mainstream retail outlets and chain stores, as well as the CHUM-City Building, the home of Citytv and MuchMusic. West of Spadina, where the rent is lower, there are fewer mainstream outlets and fewer trendy and expensive shops. Sometimes, the stretch of Queen Street from Strachan to Lansdowne Avenue in the west is referred to as "West Queen West" and is home to a variety of art galleries and independent designers.

At one time, people wanted to name the neighbourhood "Soho" after a short side street in the area, to connect Queen West to London's Soho and New York City's SoHo. This proposal was not treated seriously by most people or the municipal government.