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Quebec comic strips

The first Quebec comic strips appeared in the humour pages of a few newspapers in the late 19th century and early 20th century, following the trend coming from Europe.

Les Aventures de Timothée (The Adventures of Timothée) by Albéric Bourgeois was first published in the newspaper La Patrie in 1904. Also in 1904, the adventures of Le Père Ladébauche (Father Debauchery), created by Hector Bethelot in La Presse. The comical caracter Onésime was created by Albert Chartier in 1943.

First presented in serial fashion in Croc, the adventures of Jerome Bigras in Bungalopolis were published as albums in 1992 (Bungalopolis) and 1994 (On a marché sur mon gazon). Jerome Bigras lives in an absurdist version of suburbia with his pet, a leaking lawnmower. Both albums received the Onésime Prize. The author, Jean-Paul Eid, has also done the drawings for Memoria, a fantastic adventure set in a parallel world, to a text written by Claude Paiement.

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