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Quarrendon is both the name of an ancient village on the outskirts of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and the name of a large housing estate that forms part of Aylesbury.

Coming from the Old English Cweorndun the name means 'hill where mill stones are obtained'. There is evidence to suggest that the village dates back at least as far as the Anglo Saxon period as the village was reputedly the birthplace of St Edburg, St Edith and their niece St Osyth. Legend has it that St Osyth was beheaded by the Danish occupiers of Britain at the holy waters in Quarrendon.

The village remained with its manor intact until the 18th Century, when Henry Lee, the Lord of the Manor, went bankrupt and lost all his lands. The only remaining building in the old village is the ancient chapel, now missing its roof. However the moat, fish ponds and groundworks still remain.

The Quarrendon housing estate on the north west side of Aylesbury was started in the post war years and added to right through to the 1980s. It is now one of the largest housing estates in the modern town of Aylesbury.