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Quality Comics

Quality Comics was a comic book publishing company that operated from 1939 to 1956 and was one of premiere creative forces in the medium in the Golden Age of comic books.

The company was started by Everett M. "Busy" Arnold, a printer who saw the rapidly rising popularity of the comic book medium and decided to join the industry. He began by buying out the title, Feature Funnies, and added new titles which became the basis of the company.

Characters published by the company included:

Talents associated with the company included: By the mid 1950s, interest in their stable of character declined considerably. After a foray into other genres like war, humour and horror, the company ceased operations in December, 1956. In addition, many of their properties were sold to National Periodical Publications (now DC Comics) which chose to keep only a few titles running like Blackhawk and GI Combat

Over the decades, other Quality characters were revived like Plastic Man and a group of other characters in the short lived 1970s title, Freedom Fighters.

Today, outside of Plastic Man who has been a member of the Justice League, most of the characters today still exist mainly as occasionally used supporting characters in the DC Universe.