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Pyro (comics)

Pyro is a mutant in the Marvel Universe. His real name is John Allerdyce. Born in Sydney, Australia, his mutant powers emerged in his teens, but he could not think of a practical way to use them. Pyro's power is the ability to manipulate any flame within a certain radius by forming it into any shape he desires, or increasing or decreasing its heat, intensity or size. His only limitation is that he cannot actually create fire - in the comic books he often carries a flamethrower into battle, in the movie a young Pyro is shown always in the posession of a lighter. Pyro cannot be burned by any fire he is controlling, but if he turns his attention from it it will revert back to normal flames and can harm him. Pyro's firey "creatures" have a greater solidity than normal flame, so a giant flame "bird" that Pyro created would be able to pick up something and carry it in it's talons.

In Australia, Pyro met the mutant Mystique, who later recruited him to be a part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He has served in this team under several leaders, including the Toad, but not under Magneto, its original leader.

Recently, Pyro contracted the Legacy Virus, a fatal disease only mutants can get. He has perpetrated several crimes in attempts to find a cure, but has yet to be sucessful. He died just after saving Senator Kelly's life (who was shot soon after anyway).

He was played by Aaron Stanford in the X-Men movies.