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Ptolemy of Mauretania

Ptolemy of Mauretania (1 B.C. - 40 A.D.) was the grandson of Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Mark Antony, the son of their daughter Cleopatra Selene and Juba II of Numidia.

He married Julia Urania, thought to have been a member of the royal family of Emesa, and it was almost certainly his daughter Drusilla (not his sister Drusilla of Mauretania, and probably not her daughter) who was the first wife of Antonius Felix, procurator of Judea. (After Felix divorced her, she apparently married King Sohaemus of Emesa. Felix had a second wife also named "Drusilla," the sister of Agrippa II of Judea.)

Ptolemy was murdered by the Roman emperor Caligula in Rome in the year 40 A.D..