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Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs are an influential British post-punk band founded in the 1970s. Punk had dismissed psychedelic rock and was adamantly opposed to it. The Furs embraced punk's more liberating elements, but discarded such limitations and also embraced psychedelic rock. The outcome was a combination of droning guitars and sax, rhythm section in the deep end of the pool, and raspy biting vocals with a slightly more pop feel than punk, becoming progressively more pop and less punk with successive albums. After spending the last half of the 1990s apart they reformed in 2000. They are most remembered for their hit single "Pretty in Pink" which became a hit years after the fact because of the movie named after it. The movie bears little resemblance to the song. They also had a minor hit with "Heartbreak Beat" which peaked at #26.

Many personnel changes took place throughout the years, but the Butler brothers and John Ashton have been constants.

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