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Province of Toronto

A Province of Toronto is the goal of many urban politicians and citizens' groups in Toronto, Ontario, who run candidates for office to promote the idea of separating Toronto's 2.4 million residents politically from Ontario and the suburban 'Greater Toronto Area', which they see as politically and economically exploiting the city. For details, see Toronto, Ontario and Culture and politics of Toronto.

Prominent advocates of a Province of Toronto are Mayor David Miller, former Mayor Mel Lastman, second-runner in the 2000 mayoral election Tooker Gomberg, urban activist Jane Jacobs, mayoral candidate Paul Lewin, entrepreneur Edward Mirvish, councillor Michael Walker, former councillor and current MPP for Beaches East-York Michael Prue, and former mayor John Sewell. Prominent opponents are former Ontario Premiers Ernie Eves and Mike Harris, former MPP for Etobicoke Chris Stockwell and councillor Chris Korwin-Kuczynski.

There is considerable debate on the level of government that is appropriate to approve, or veto, the formation of a new province out of the territory of existing Ontario.

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Within the Roman Catholic Church, the Province of Toronto is the Area under the juristiction of the Archbishop of Toronto. It includes the Greater Toronto Area (except Clarington), Western Ontario, and Thunder Bay, Kenora, and Rainy River districts in Northern Ontario.