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Professor X

Professor X (full name Charles Francis Xavier) is a comic book character in the Marvel Comics universe. He is the founder, mentor and sometime leader of the team of superhero mutants called the X-Men. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in X-Men #1 (1963).

Fictional biography

Professor Xavier is himself a mutant - one of the world's most powerful telepaths. As a young man, he was rendered a paraplegic in an accident that was later revealed to have been caused by an alien called Lucifer. In addition to his mutant gifts, Xavier is a world-class scientific intellect.

Xavier founded a school for gifted children which had a secret purpose of providing a safe haven for mutants to master their abilities in order to function in the outside world safely. In addition, he sought to foster good mutant-human relations by providing a positive example of mutants with his superhero team, the X-Men. Among the obstacles to that goal was his old friend, Magneto, a powerful mutant himself whose solution to mutant persecution was domination of humanity.

Throughout most of the time with the team, Xavier used his telepathic powers to keep in constant contact with his students and provided instructions and advice when needed. In addition, he used a special machine called Cerebro, which enhanced his ability to detect mutants, to allow the team to find new students in need of the school. At one point, he seemed to have died, but that turned out to be a former villain named Changeling, who had agreed to impersonate Xavier while he went into hiding to plan a defense against an impending alien invasion.

Later, Xavier assembled a newer team of X-Men to rescue the original team when they were in trouble and managed the new members as before. He later met and fell in love with the alien Princess Lilandra from the Shi'ar Empire and took a sabbatical on her world for a time.

Later, he was placed under the control of a member of the Brood while the X-Men were fighting them outer space. During that time, he was compelled to assemble a team of younger mutants, collectively called The New Mutants, which were secretly intended to be prime hosts for reproduction of the aliens. Eventually, the X-Men discovered the dire situation and returned to free Xavier, but they were too late to prevent him from being transformed into a Brood Queen. The X-Men and Starjammers were able to subdue him in this monstrous form, but the only way to restore him was to clone a new body using tissue samples he had previously donated to the Starjammers. This new body had fully-working legs, but he was so accustomed to using his mind to block the previous constant pain of his paralysis that his mind subconciously gave him psychosomatic pain whenever he tried to walk, which kept him largely in his wheelchair. Eventually, he overcame this difficulty and sometimes joined the X-Men in the field.

Eventually, he took another medical sabbatical with Lilandra and left Magneto in charge of his school, a turn of events that his students found difficult to accept. Eventually, Magneto became an enemy again and Xavier returned to resume his previous responsibilities. In addition, he was later severely injured, which left him a paraplegic again. Much later, Xavier gained the use of his legs again with no apparent problems.

Character Appearances in Movies and Television

Xavier appears in the two major animated television adaptations of the comic book, X-Men (voiced by Cedric Smith) and X-Men: Evolution (voiced by David Kaye). He also appeared in the X-Men pilot cartoon Pryde of the X-Men in the 1980s which was never aired, and was frequently a guest star on the animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

He also appeared in the two live action feature film adaptations X-Men and , played by Patrick Stewart.

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