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Princess of Wales

Princess of Wales is a courtesy title given to the wife of the Prince of Wales since the first "English" Prince of Wales in 1282. Because of the mortality rate, combined with the fact that some Princes of Wales did not marry until after coming to the throne, there have in fact been only nine holders of the title since that date. These are as follows:

Joan of Kent (held title 1361 - 1376)
Anne Neville (1470 - 1471) (but marriage possibly not solemnised)
Catherine of Aragon (1501)
Caroline of Ansbach (1714 - 1727)
Augusta of Saxe-Gotha (1736 - 1751)
Caroline of Brunswick (1795 - 1820)
Alexandra of Denmark (1863 - 1901)
Mary of Teck (1901 - 1910)
Diana Spencer (1981 - 1997)

Several of these came to be queen consorts. Those who did not generally took the title of "Dowager Princess of Wales" after the deaths of their husbands. (Following the annulment of Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon, Catherine was reverted to her earlier title of Dowager Princess of Wales, ie, the widow of Henry's older brother, Arthur, Prince of Wales.)

It is important to note that a female heir to the throne is not known by the title of Princess of Wales.

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