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Prince George, British Columbia

Prince George is a town in British Columbia, Canada, located at the junction of the Fraser River and its tributary Nechako River. Its 2001 population was 72,406, making it the principal city of northern British Columbia.

The town began as a fur trading post named Fort George, established in 1807 by Simon Fraser. The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway (now CN Railway) came to the area in 1914, and in 1915 the City of Prince George was incorporated, named after Prince George, the thirteen year-old son of King George V. Growth was slow until the modernization of the local sawmills and the construction of three pulp mills in the 1950s.

The mainstay of the economy is the forest industry, including logging, plywood manufacturing, sawmills, and pulp mills.

The University of Northern British Columbia is a recent addition.

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It is also the treeplanting capital of British Columbia.

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