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Prignitz is a Kreis (district) in the northwestern part of Brandenburg, Germany. Neighboring are (from the north clockwise) the districts Ludwigslust and Parchim in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the district Ostprignitz-Ruppin, the district Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt and the district Lüchow-Dannenberg in Lower Saxony.

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The term Prignitz originally means the region north of the confluence of the Elbe and Havel rivers. This region is larger than the district and also includes large portions of the neighbouring district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin.

The Elbe river forms the western border of the district.


The district was created in 1993 by merging the previous districts Pritzwalk and Perleberg and a few municipalities from the district Kyritz.

Coat of arms

{| | | valign="top" |The coat of arms shows a goose preparing for flight, the symbol of the family of the Gans Edlen Herren zu Putlitz (Gans is german for goose), who in the 12th century introduced christendom and german culture to the Prignitz. The pearls around the goose symbolize Perleberg (which translates to Mountain of Pearl). The wolf in bottom stands for the former administrative seat Pritzwalk, as walk derives from the slavonic wolk meaning wolf. The wavy separation between the top and bottom symbolizes the river Elbe, the colors red and white are the same as those of Brandenburg. |}

Towns and municipalities

{|valign="top" |width=33% valign="top"|
  1. Bad Wilsnack¹
  2. Lenzen (Elbe)¹
  3. Meyenburg¹
  4. Perleberg
  5. Pritzwalk
  6. Putlitz¹
  7. Wittenberge
¹ inside a
Amt |width=33% valign="top"|
  1. Bad Wilsnack/Weisen
  2. Lenzen-Elbtalaue
  3. Meyenburg
  4. Putlitz-Berge
|width=33% valign="top"|
    free municipalities
  1. Groß Pankow
  2. Gumtow
  3. Karstädt
  4. Plattenburg

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