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President of Malta

Sir Anthony Mamo
The office of the President of Malta, known in Maltese as President ta' Malta, came into being on 13th December 1974, when Malta became a republic within the Commonwealth. The last Governor-General, Sir Anthony Mamo, became the first President of the Republic, and replaced Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. He served as President until 1976.

Like the British monarch, however, the President of Malta is a constitutional head of state, with executive power remaining with the Prime Minister. The President is elected by the unicameral House of Representatives, known in Maltese as Kamra tar-Rappreżentanti. The first woman to hold the post of President was the late Agatha Barbara, a former Labour government minister. The current President is Guido de Marco.

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President's Flag

President's Flag 1988-
1988, there was no flag for the President of Malta, who instead used the national flag, but in that year a new flag was introduced, with the coat of arms on a blue field, and a traditional Maltese cross in gold in each corner.

List of Presidents

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