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Pratt & Whitney JT9D

Pratt & Whitney's JT9D engine is the first high-bypass-ratio engine to power a wide-bodied aircraft. Its first initial application is the Boeing 747-100 , the original "Jumbo-jet". It is also the first high-bypass turbofan for Pratt & Whitney.

The JT9D family of engines consists of three distinct series. The JT9D-7 engine covers the 46,300- to 50,000-pound-thrust range, and the JT9D-7Q series has a 53,000 pound thrust rating. Later models, the JT9D-7R4 series, cover the 48,000-to 56,000-pound-thrust range.

These three engine types power 747, 767, A300, A310 and DC-10 aircraft. For JT9D-7R4 installed in A300-600, A310 and 767, the engines are approved for 180-minute ETOPS operation.