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Poznan University of Technology

Poznan University of Technology (Polish name: Politechnika Poznanska; note that in Polish Politechnika had different meaning than in English, hence translation) is an university placed in Poznan, Poland. It had over thousand lecturers and teachers and over 18.000 students. It has eight faculties: It's member of CESAER Association (first Polish technical university to receive membership of that organisation). Its current rector is prof. dr hab. Jerzy Dembczyński.

PUT was founded in 1955 (First rector was Roman Kozak), but state school there existed much later and had status of Higher School. First school was founded by Naczelna Rada Ludowa of Great Poland Uprising in 1919, under name of Higher State School of Working Machines. After adding second faculty in 1929 its name was changed to Higher State School of Working Machines and Electrotechnics. It was supposed to became University of Technology in 1940, but its development was interrupted by World War II. In 1945 school received status of Higher Engineering School and in 1955 of University of Technology.

Jan Węglarz (Famous John Carbon or Johnny Walker, as he is called by his pupils), Roman Słowiński, Jacek Błażewicz, Jerzy Brzeziński are most known from staff of Computer Science section.

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