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Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers are a National Basketball Association team based in Portland, Oregon.

Founded: 1970
Home Arena: Rose Garden Arena
Uniform colors: Red and black
Logo design: A difficult-to-describe combination of lines that sort of form the letters "P" and "B" intertwined
NBA Championships: 1977
Owner: Paul Allen

Table of contents
1 Recent Franchise history
2 Players of note
3 Coaches and others

Recent Franchise history

After nine years as president and general manager, Bob Whitsitt announced his departure from the Trail Blazers on May 7, 2003, stating that he was retiring to focus his attention on the Seattle Seahawks NFL team. However, he had been the subject of continuous criticism from the team's fans and both the local and national press for team performance on the court, as well as player legal troubles off the court. The Blazers announced Steve Patterson as team president June 18, 2003 and announced that John Nash would become general manager on July 15.

Players of note

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Coaches and others

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