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Port Adelaide Football Club

The Port Adelaide Football Club, nicknamed Power, is an Australian rules football team, playing in the Australian Football League. They were the second of the two Adelaide teams to join the competition. They are a sister team to the Port Adelaide Magpies, a hugely successful team in the local SANFL competition.

The Port Adelaide club attempted to enter an AFL team in 1991, but were stymied by legal action which resulted in the Adelaide Crows, a new club, entering the competition. Finally, the Power entered the competition in 1994, setting up an intense home-town rivalry with the Crows.

The intra-city rivalry is caricatured to be partly socioeconomic, with the strongly working-class Power contrasted with the middle-class Crows.

The club has performed creditably in its first years in the competition, and is widely regarded for its strong character. They have not yet, however, won a premiership, a fact that Crows supporters never tire of reminding the Power of.