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Poprad (in German: Deutschendorf) is a town in Slovakia at the foot of the High Tatra Mountains. Population: 53,000 (1991). Seat of a district (okres). The town has a historic center, an international airport (called Poprad-Tatry) and is the starting point of the Tatranská elektrická železnica (Tatra Electric Railway) -- a set of special trains (trams) connecting the resorts in the High Tatra with each other and with Poprad.

Historically, the town was founded only in the 13th century as a German village. From 1412 to 1770, as one of the Spiš towns, Poprad was pawned by Hungary (to which Slovakia belonged between the 11th century and 1918) to Poland, meaning that Poland was partially responsible for the developments there.

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Poprad is also a name of a river in Slovakia and Poland.