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Pope Hilarius

Hilarius (also Hilarus, Hilary) was Pope from 461 to 468.

The Sardinian Hilarus was elected bishop of Rome probably November 17, 461, consecrated November 19, 461 and died on February 28 (?), 468.

As archdeacon under Pope Leo I he vigorously opposed the condemnation of Flavian of Constantinople at the Council of Ephesus (449).

As Pope, he continued the policy of his predecessor in enforcing the claims of the Roman See in southern Gaul (cf. Epist., x., to Mamertus of Vienne, February 25, 464). He furthermore gave laws to the Spanish Church (cf. Epist., xiii.-xvii.), and the Liber Pontificalis praises his donations to Roman churches and cloisters.

Preceded by:
Pope Leo I
List of popes Succeeded by:
Pope Simplicius