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Pope Agapetus I

Agapetus I, or Agapitus I, pope (535 - 536), was the son of Gordian, a priest who had been slain during the riots in the days of Pope Symmachus.

He collaborated with Cassiodorus in founding at Rome a library of ecclesiastical authors in Greek and Latin, and helped Cassiodorus with the project at Vivarium of translating the standard Greek philosophers into Latin.

King Theodahad of the Ostrogoths sent him on an embassy to Constantinople, to appease emperor Justinian I following the death of Amalasuntha. While there, he debated the patriarch Anthimus I concerning the Monophysite heresy, and having bettered him in debate, deposed the patriarch and ordained Menas his successor. He died shortly afterwards, on April 22, 536.

Preceded by:
Pope John II
List of popes Succeeded by:
Pope Silverius