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A poltergeist (German for noisy ghost) is an invisible entity (ghost) that moves (and throws) objects and causes electrical malfunctions by telekinesis. Doing so classifies them as (inter)active spirits, in contrast to non-interactive ones which engage only in minimal action such as showing themselves. Poltergeister (German plural) are mischievous beings, and connected to an object (usually a building) or a person. The haunting by a poltergeist is called infestation. Most classic poltergeist stories and (presumably) incidents originate in England.

Famous (said-to-be) poltergeist infestations :

Both the word and the concept poltergeist became famous by the Poltergeist movies and the TV series Poltergeist - The Legacy.

There is a poltergeist named Peeves in the Harry Potter books.