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Polo at the 1900 Summer Olympics

At the 1900 Summer Olympics, a polo tournament was contested.


1Foxhunters Hurlingham (GBR/USA)
Alfred Rawinson (GBR), Frank Mackay (USA), Foxhall Parker Keene (USA), Denis St. George Daly (GBR/IRL), John Beresford (GBR)
2Rugby (GBR/USA)
Walter McCreery (USA), Frederick Freake (GBR), Walter Buckmaster (GBR), José De Madre (GBR)
3Bagatelle, Paris (FRA/GBR)
Maurice Raoul-Duval (FRA), Frederick Agnew Gill (GBR), Robert Fournier-Sarlovèze (FRA), Edouard Alphonse De Rothschild (FRA)
Guillermo Hayden Wright, Eustaquio de Escandón y Barrón, Pablo de Escandón y Barrón, Manuel de Villavieja Escandón y Barrón