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Politics of Guernsey

The States of Guernsey, officially called the States of Deliberation, consists of 59 members, of whom 33 are Deputies, elected from multi- or single-member districts every four years, 12 are Conseillers representing the Island, serving terms of six years, with half being elected every three, and parochial douzaines representing parish authorities. There are 2 representatives from Alderney; and Sark, which are self-governing dependencies of the Bailiwick. There are also 2 non-voting members - the Attorney General and the Solicitor General both appointed by the monarch. Laws passed by the States are known as 'Ordinances'.

There is no system of cabinet or ministerial government, as government responsibilities are exercised by Committees of the States, each headed by a President, who holds the equivalent of a ministerial portfolio.

The legal system is derived from Norman French and English common law, justice being administered by the Royal Court.

Note: However, the whole system is changing in April 2004, with St Peter Port being broken up into two separate voting districts, and most of the members being deposed. Oh, and we're going to get a Chief Minister, name John Gollop

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